Ahoy sailors! Here is an update on the latest Government Coronavirus restrictions.

As you know our Club house is closed as we are in the process of the selling the building. Because of the new Covid restrictions brought in by the government on the 5th of November we are now no longer able to safely access the the Club House. The yard however is still accessible to check and maintain boats and equipment. We have multiple anti-bac stations. We do however ask you to remember to keep a safe distance from others in the yard.

Please note that whilst free sailing may be allowed as exercise by individuals using their own equipment strictly in accordance with guidance on www.gov.uk/coronavirus, all members are reminded to carefully assess their own competence and the risks and demands this may present to emergency services already stretched by the pandemic. Please take out radios and let someone on land know you are sailing. Please be safe.

We will be constantly reviewing the rules. At the first opportunity that we can, we will get club equipment back out on the water and everyone will have a chance to sail.
This is only temporary. We WILL all sail together again. It’s heartbreaking that club equipment is sat in the yard not being used. Soon folks, soon. We won’t let this virus beat us. We are a fantastic club and we will sail on.
Until then remember the Starboard rule, I’ll see you at the first marker bouy. Bear in mind I’ll be in a mirror, so you might be hitting that bouy for the second time when you pass ;-).

Stay safe

Rear Commodore MYC

Club Rules pdf

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