Sailing members can participate in on the water activities or store items in the boat park. 
Non-sailing membership is available to partners of sailing members, or members of the Club who no longer sail at Margate, many of whom are active cruiser sailors with Yachts based in Ramsgate, the Medway and the Mediterranean.
Cadets must have a parent join as a sailing member and must have a parent or guardian in attendance at the Club whilst on site.
Membership Fees
Membership fees are due January 1st. There is a reduced rate for members who renew in January, after February 1st full fees will be due for renewing members.

New members pay the full fee.
For new members joining mid way through the year a pro rata fee will apply. Please discuss with the membership secretary or treasurer for further details..

Boat Park Fees
Only sailing members can store items in the boat park. Boat Park Fees are due April 1st. There is a reduced rate for members who pay in April, after May 1st full fees will be due.

Renewal rates for existing members. 
Paid Before Jan 31st 2019
Paid After Feb 1st

1st Adult
1st Adult

Sailing Member

Non-sailing Member



Note. Cadets must be accompanied by an adult while at the club.

Temporary; per Month

Temporary; per Day

Boat Park Fees

Paid before April 30th
Paid after May 1st


Subsequent boats
                  £48                                    £54                


Cruisers (winter)

Cruisers (summer) 
£11 per week

Free under boat;
£17 under arches